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Enough to avoid tornadoes. The house is filled with LEGO creations, action figures, and numerous other toys. Bob Kaehms has spent most of his professional career working with computers. After a prolonged youth that he stretched into his late 20s as a professional scuba diver, ski patroller, and lifeguard, he went to work as a scientific programmer for Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. Frustrations with the lack of information-sharing within the defense industry led him first to groupware and then to the Web. Bob helped found the Internet Archive, where as Director of Computing he was responsible for the first full backup of all publicly available data on the Internet. Bob also served as Editor in Chief of Web Techniques Magazine, the leading technical magazine for web developers. He is presently CTO at Media Net Link, Inc. Bob has a degree in applied mathematics, and he uses that training to study the chaos that exists around his house. Ric McGredy founded Media Net Link, Inc. in 1994, after long stints at Bank of America, Apple Computer, and Sun Microsystems, to pursue excellence in customerfocused web-service construction and deployment. While he has been known to crank out a line or two of code, Ric prides himself first and foremost as being business-focused and on integrating technology into the business enterprise with high reliability at a reasonable cost. Ric received a BA in French from Ohio Wesleyan University and has been involved in the accounting and information-technology disciplines for over 25 years. Ric lives near San Francisco with his wife Sally and five children. Rasmus Lerdorf was born in Godhavn/Qeqertarsuaq on Disco Island, off the coast of Greenland, in 1968. He has been dabbling with Unix-based solutions since 1985. He is known for having gotten the PHP project off the ground in 1995, and he can be blamed for the ANSI-92 SQL-defying LIMIT clause in mSQL 1.x, which has now, at least conceptually, crept into both MySQL and PostgreSQL. Rasmus tends to deny being a programmer, preferring to be seen as a techie who is adept at solving problems. If the solution requires a bit of coding and he can’t trick somebody else into writing the code, he will reluctantly give in and write it himself. He currently lives near San Francisco with his wife Christine. Kevin Tatroe has been a Macintosh and Unix programmer for 10 years. Being lazy,